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Review for Howey Bros Boards Bikes & Clothing on Directory
11 May 2023

Absolutely the worst bike service…I took a hybrid bike in during the pandemic…we are busy..we cant source the parts…I sourced the parts from a bike shop in Barrie…after 5 months I said I’m picking up my bike…left brake squeals…recently wanted a tube replaced on my tire..oh.Im…he’ll be back tomorrow..okay..I’ll leave the tire…oh he will be super busy…here we go again…a tube in a tire..really?…what i said was what we need here is a bike shop…well he said I don’t want to hear that…don’t worry…you won’t hear it again…I got a bike tire fix in Barrie in 10 minutes…I am off to north bay for repairs and tuneups…
Review for Cycle Works on Whodoyou
07 Feb 2021

Cycle Works is worth visiting if you have bicycle. They are wonderful people, kind and patient for elderly people and I recommend Cycle Works highly.
Review for Cycle Works on Whodoyou
27 Jul 2020

I'm very happy with Cycle Works and I always take my bike there and I always shop there, thank you.
Review for Cycle Works on Whodoyou
23 Apr 2020

Hi. We're really happy with the work that was done by Cycle Works and we will always come back as customers. Really happy with the customer service and the level of service.
Review for Cycle Works on Whodoyou
17 Oct 2019

I was quite happy with the service Cycle Works gave me and they didn't even charge, they just went right to it and help me with it, so I like the atmosphere and I appreciated the help and I would go there again if I had a problem with my my bike. Thank you.
Review for Cycle Works on Whodoyou
11 Dec 2018

Very happy with the work being done by Cycle Works with the customer service. They are awesome, take care!
Review for Cycle Works on Whodoyou
11 Dec 2018

It has always been a pleasure to deal with Cycle Works. Kevin is really good, helping out even so far as to piece didn't quite fit for the hitch, but the bikes on, he actually came to the house to get a fit, so we could get away on our trip, so high praise for them! good job.

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