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Review for Answers Consulting Inc on Directory
17 Sep 2023

After falling victim to a cryptocurrency investment scam, my family and I were left with nothing after these swindlers stole $118,000 total in USDT and Bitcoins from us. We were so lucky to come across a post about Hi.Tech [ ] a cryptocurrency and funds recovery company with plenty of experience in cybersecurity. Hi-Tech Recovery was able to recover all of our funds, and with the information we provided, they were tracked down and reported to the appropriate authorities. I highly recommend Hi.Tech for your cryptocurrency recovery Contact: Telegram: @hitechrecovery
Review for Wizard Computer Solutions on Directory
06 Sep 2022

This wizard clown is a thief I would be taking your business elsewhere if you can. He stole my computer this morning demanding I pay him money for work that he has not done just talked about potential work needed. I'm currently waiting for the police to get to the bottom of this...
Review for Wizard Computer Solutions on Whodoyou
12 Dec 2021

Wizard Computer Solutions got my printer going and taken me a couple of months to really get it going. So I got to thank you guys for such patience with it. Give me your phone number and I'll tell you, how good you guys are.
Review for Wizard Computer Solutions on Whodoyou
21 Oct 2021

I found Wizard Computer Solutions to be very helpful and even though I did not go into the store and spend money, they were still able to help me right over the phone.
Review for Wizard Computer Solutions on Whodoyou
22 Jun 2021

Everything was fine, Wizard Computer Solutions looked after me 100 percent, no problems. They are good people.
Review for Wizard Computer Solutions on Whodoyou
28 Sep 2020

I had a great experience with Wizard Computer Solutions. They knew exactly exactly what I needed and it was done extremely quickly and the staff was extremely friendly. I would rate Wizard Computer Solutions 10 out of 10.
Review for Wizard Computer Solutions on Whodoyou
15 Apr 2019

I'm quite pleased with Wizard Computer Solutions. Haven't been disappointed yet and I've been there several times, recommended to friends of mine and they're pleased as well. Keep up the good work, thank you.

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