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Review for A Gas Man on Directory
10 Oct 2023

I am new to the area and just bought a home and wanted the garage heated. We called this guy out to take a look at the job and give us an estimate. He indicated so much an hour but never provided a solid estimate for the job, such as how long it would take. No problem. We were still willing to pay what it took to get the job done, but he kept putting me off for 2 months indicating that he would do the job. We even set a date to have it done, he never showed up!!! He kept saying that he would get back to me, well he never did. I finally stopped chasing him after 2 months and moved on to someone else. If you can't do the job then just say so! You don't ghost people. I am not even sure if this guy is legitimate as I worked for an HVAC company in Southern Ontario for 5 yrs. and we never did business like this.
Review for Climate Control on Directory
13 Jun 2023

Just recently during a heat wave we fired up the A/C unit for the first time this season, only to find out that the unit was not pumping out cold air. We called the Climate Control office to submit a work order which happened to be later in the afternoon. The next morning Steve was out to diagnose the problem. We had a pin hole leak in the unit itself. Being a Friday, Steve had to order one which would arrive over the weekend. Steve offered to go and get us a portable unit to get by with until Monday. We declined his offer. First thing Monday morning we received a call at 5 AM with alot of apologies that he was heading to our place to install the new unit. Now if that is not the greatest warranty service in the whole HVAC industry - We don't know what is??? When we purchased this unit which included the installatiion , the price was excellent. I would highly recommend Climate Control for anyone thinking about a HVAC system. Give them a call. They stand by their products, and workmanship
Review for Exl-Aire Mechanical Ltd on Whodoyou
21 Oct 2021

Exl-Aire Mechanical Ltd was fine. There was no problem at all. Thank you very much.
Review for Tasso Lake Heating Solutions Inc on Whodoyou
12 Oct 2021

Everything went well with Tasso Lake Heating Solutions Inc, young men were very polite and clean. Thanks very much.
Review for Topline Electric Plumbing Heating Cooling on Whodoyou
22 Sep 2021

Well I yes, good service we own the only problem we had was if he didn't have the bard on board. So he had to go back to the city. I live out in the country. And I had a very good re barbara with him that help you develop we'll sheet.
Review for Topline Electric Plumbing Heating Cooling on Whodoyou
17 May 2021

I was fine the information I was given was helpful thank you.
Review for Tasso Lake Heating Solutions Inc on Whodoyou
27 Apr 2021

My experience with Tasso Lake Heating Solutions Inc was excellent, the technicians were very polite, very tidy, cleaned up after themselves and I was very pleased with the whole experience. I would recommend Tasso Lake Heating Solutions Inc to anyone.
Review for Topline Electric Plumbing Heating Cooling on Whodoyou
07 Apr 2021

Lol you guys are really great.
Review for Exl-Aire Mechanical Ltd on Whodoyou
08 Mar 2021

Service from Exl-Aire Mechanical Ltd is very good there and has always been. I was glad to deal with them, everything worked Ok. Thank you.

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