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Review for Mike's Car Audio on Directory
24 Mar 2022

I had an expensive stereo system installed in my vehicle, a brand new 2021 Toyota Tundra and specified that I did not want any wiring to be cut and only to use the proper aftermarket connectors. I even mentioned a website to the owner where to get the wiring. When my vehicle was returned, the store owner in fact cut many wire connections and also damaged parts to my brand new vehicle that was less than a month off of the lot. 2 speaker grilles came back with broken tabs and no longer remain seated in full as is should, They now remain popped up and very visible. Toyota looked at my vehicle and said that the result could impact warranty that I paid extra for. To reverse the damage, Toyota will need to correct the wiring at their specifications themselves to avoid warranty issues. Further more, Sudbury Car Audio billed a job claiming 24 hours and only charging for 18 yet the vehicle had less than 16 hours of shop time as I stopped by just around closing time on the day I left it there and they were closed, I returned in the morning and were opening on. I picked up my vehicle prior to closing the day after I left it there. (16 hours yet presuming that Sudbury Car Audio started the job instantly after I left at 8:20 am the day I left it there. But they bill $80 shop rate per hour but its not really,.. Its actually billed per technician they put on the job Sudbury Car Audio stated!!!

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