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Review for Northstar Property Management on Directory
03 Jun 2023

I have a story or two about what he does There was a young mom living in one of his personal places. She had made complaints to the city about how horrible the house was. The counter top was rotted out and front door kicked in countless times. He gets me to take a old used counter that he kept from another house and door that wasn’t any better Here Cliff put this on same for the front door it was kicked in multiple times by his other drug dealing tenants in the other units and he hands me a used beat up door to replace the other kicked in door. This is how he fixes things uses old materials from other places Last winter same place he snuck into the basement and shut to power off to her unit She has baby in the house he could care a less She called the cops and they had him meet them there He’s been moving in drug dealers in the back unit and this girl had to deal with her door being kicked in every few months by Mr Naccarato’s other tenants this is the place one of the last murders happened here. I worked at this house recently, one of his workers went home bc the meth heads kept banging on the door to the unit he was working in and he felt threatened Jason is well aware but could care a less. Slumlord at its finest He calls me and gets me to meet him there, he tells me he’s going to tell the police it just happens to her section of the house sometimes, it shuts off on its own. He wanted me there to back up his story. Watching him lie to the police that day I lost any and all respect for him. I have kids so does he He has no problems moving someone in knowing the hot water tank isn’t hooked up, no heat, cockroaches, rats, mice, bedbugs throughout the unit. He’s gone through at least 20 employees in the last year or so not one had a good experience with him Longest serving employee there is less than 2 years and they r not happy in the slightest doing his dirty work. I’ve never met such a nice dishonest man in my life Ask some of his female employees or female tenants how he talks to them. No respect, he told a female employee he had working there she wasn’t allowed to call me and demanded she remove my number from her phone. He was serious and we just laughed to each other, little hitler here f u
Review for Northstar Property Management on Directory
03 Jun 2023

One more thing. I worked at times 30 plus days in a row no overtime pay I was top man and top paid by a large margin My co workers would tell me all the time they wished they had my skills and respected my hard ass work ethic. No one out worked me there period and I was the oldest When we chatted recently he told me I should of worked harder and to bad I’m not a good carpenter If this doesn’t speak volumes about what he thinks of his current employees then I don’t know what would. I liked all my co workers and appreciated the respect they gave me for my years of knowledge and experience u can’t buy that Mr Naccarato
Review for Northstar Property Management on Directory
03 Jun 2023

Awesome review Stephen and ? spot on I worked for this fella and have seen exactly what he pulls on all his tenants. I have no doubt he would make the news with for the way he does business I very recently asked him y he denies doing business with tenants that give him a bad review No answer nor did he deny Next I asked y does he use fake profile accounts to give himself good reviews Again he didn’t acknowledge the question bc he knows anything literally anything he says will b a lie. I took screen shots of all his fake reviews before he shut it down. He tried forcing me to do unsafe and unethical things for his company When I refused he fired me and then lied and told ei I’m working for cash so they denied me my coverage I have a family I’m the sore provider for my kids…..simply put this boy is a piece of shit
Review for Northstar Property Management on Directory
19 May 2023

Northstar is terrible. They will neglect all work possible. They will argue with you, lie to you, and to get anything done you’ll have to essentially take them to court. Ongoing inssues including rats and mold, and renters have ti pay for exterminators when rats are on premises because of their neglection. Pathetic. What’s more pathetic is all of their fake profiles making fake reviews on Facebook and google. Read the real reviews people. Do not trust this company. The owner is very shady. He treats employees and tenants like complete trash. I have read countless reviews and spoke with numerous people who all had similar experiences with northstar and the management. This is the definition of a slumlord!
Review for D&N Property Management Ltd on Directory
11 May 2022

This company has been a pain to deal with, they do not answer there messages and when asked to take care of certain issues that by law needs to be resolved, those requests are ignored, the last property was given with it still dirty, mouse turd left in the cabinets along old appliances never discarded and when asking for the money's that was agreed to be returned this was met with hesitancy and unacceptable delay.

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