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Review for Residential Roofing on Directory
26 Oct 2023

Well where to start this contractor. I contacted him to make an estimate for my insurance company! He was 4 days late on coming here. But remember no money to come for an estimate! So I understood. My boyfriend met him when he showed up for the estimate he was nice. About a week later on Sept 30th I contacted him about eavestroughs on sunroom (so small room not the whole house) he asked for payment up front 500$ and the job will be done within a week as per text messages. Well he kept delaying. 3 weeks before he measured the sunroom (confirm on camera) Now the issues. Mitch tried to see us in person. We were away from the home on a medical trip. So he called me trying to discuss my roof and how he is thinking of ways to make it last. I told him no I want to know when you will be completing the job I hired you for. Now he mentioned the parts cost him 490$ to buy...then tried again to speak about the roof. He hung up. I sent a message to him about what I want him to response....I got home 2 days after this conversation...just to find the products on the ground in Schumacher of all places...I attempted to call him just to find out he blocked my phone number. So I got ahold of him through blocking my number ID and he hung up again. This is what this guy wants to promote his business....hands down if can give 0 stars I would
Review for Gbs Contracting Services on Directory
17 Oct 2022

Friendly and hard working/under-paid employee's. HORRIBLE PLACE TO WORK! This is just my opinion... Please, don't see for yourself, I would recommend avoiding at all cause... God bless!
Review for Prudential Roofing - Timmins & Surrounding Area on Directory
30 May 2022

Great customer service. Great work. Clean. Highly recommended.
Review for M Champagne Siding Ltd on Whodoyou
12 Dec 2021

M Champagne Siding Ltd was very good, very polite. They answered all my questions and cleaned up after themselves. This service was excellent. Thank you.
Review for Boss Roofing Company on Whodoyou
06 Aug 2021

Quite satisfied with everything at Boss Roofing Company. Thank you.
Review for M Champagne Siding Ltd on Whodoyou
10 Jun 2021

Joey from M Champagne Siding Ltd installed the door and he did a good job, but unfortunately, the screws for the lock were not long enough and that part fell off. So Robert came out today and he is going to get a new part.
Review for Boss Roofing Company on Whodoyou
20 Apr 2021

Hello! I was pleased with the experience with Boss Roofing Company. Everything was very professional. No complaints, thank you.
Review for M Champagne Siding Ltd on Whodoyou
01 Oct 2020

M Champagne Siding Ltd was very good. I'm happy.
Review for M Champagne Siding Ltd on Whodoyou
10 Sep 2020

M Champagne Siding Ltd was excellent.

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