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Review for Odd Job Rod on Directory
23 Jun 2023

This guy has no idea what he is doing when it comes to waterproofing foundations. He has all the equipment and may show up with a bunch of different guys. He will put a big orchestra and charge you a hefty fee but will not fix the problem reliably. We had to call Doug Waffle from Waffle industries to fix the problems we were left with and it was finally resolved.
Review for Rooley Group on Whodoyou
17 Jun 2019

No I was very satisfied no problems very quickly done very neatly done and I would always give it a great day this is my 2nd time for having you and you did but wonderful time to both Thank thank you very much.
Review for Great North Contracting Inc on Whodoyou
19 Mar 2019

It was very good thank you.
Review for Rooley Group on Whodoyou
04 Mar 2019

I was very impressed with the chaff who came here very knowledgeable very friendly and certainly if I have any problems I'm going to call. Really. Largely because of him.

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