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Sault Ste Marie is a city in the Northern Ontario region. Like many other cities in Northern Ontario, Sault Ste Marie suffers from massive migration of residents to cities in the south of the province, where there are more job opportunities. Most of the city's population (91.6% of residents) is of European descent - mainly Italian, French, English, Scandinavian and southern European.

In the 1960-the 1970s, Sault Ste Marie city was known for producing steel. Still, gradually the demand for it inside Canada fell, and therefore the Algoma Steel plant, which employed 2,900 workers in its best years, narrowly escaped bankruptcy and severely cut jobs.

The timber industry is another important economic sector: St. Mary's Paper factory employs 400 people. Around 2,300 service workers are primarily engaged in 5 call centers located in the city, of which the Sutherland Group owns the largest.

Sault Ste Marie offers an environment where entrepreneurship is encouraged. The Sault Ste Marie Innovation Centre’s incubator provides support for entrepreneurs in the science and technology sector.

Local Businesses in Sault Ste Marie, ON
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