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Explore Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, North Bay, Timmins, Huntsville and other nearby cities in Northern Ontario.

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    Northern Ontario: An Untapped Economic Powerhouse

    Northern Ontario, encompassing over 80% of the province's landmass, is a region brimming with untapped economic potential. This vast territory, known for its stunning landscapes and diverse resources, is poised to become a major player in Canada's economic future.

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    The Economic Landscape of Huntsville, Ontario: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

    Huntsville, located in the heart of Ontario's cottage country, is not just a popular tourist destination; it's also a vibrant economic hub in the Muskoka region. Known for its stunning natural scenery and charming small-town feel, Huntsville's economy is a dynamic mix of tourism, manufacturing, and emerging sectors. This article will explore how Huntsville contributes to the regional and provincial economy through its diverse economic activities.

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    Timmins, ON Real Estate Market

    Timmins, Ontario, with a population of roughly 41,000 people and an economy based on natural resources, is a significant economical center in North East Ontario. The city's population has grown slowly over the previous decade. Still, with the rise in gold prices, one of the economy's most plentiful commodities, real estate values are expected to rise as well. In addition to gold, the city's economy is reliant on the local base metal mining sector.

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    Lions Lookout Hiking Trail in Huntsville

    Lions Lookout Hiking Trail is a 1.3 kilometer infrequently used circular route near Huntsville, Ontario, Canada that incorporates a river and is suitable for all levels of experience. Hiking and walking are the primary uses of the path.

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    Night Hawk Lake Fishing

    Night Hawk Lake is a lake in the province of Ontario, Canada. Walleye is the most popular fish captured here. Night Hawk Lake is an excellent choice for small groups of people. It is located 35 air miles northeast of Red Lake in a rural region. 

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    Cost of living in Sudbury

    Sudbury city in Ontario is one of the progressive cities in Canada. 

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    Agriculture Industry in Northern Ontario

    Northern Ontario has about 1 million acres of agricultural land. 703,000 acres of this million are allocated for production. There are about 2,600 farms in Northern Ontario that generate good money every year. It is believed that all counties in Northern Ontario have additional land that is suitable for agriculture and can be brought into production, but work is required to identify and classify potential agricultural land in Northern Ontario.

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    Kirkland Lake History

    In comparison with other towns in Ontario, Canada, Kirkland Lake is relatively young. It was founded in 1911, when Ed Hargreaves and William Wright discovered rich deposits of gold while hunting for rabbits. At that time, they could hardly imagine how significant their discovery was!  Shortly after this event, miners from different parts of Canada and the United States started to come to Kirkland Lake to search for gold. Over just a couple of decades, Kirkland Lake became one of the top mining towns in Canada.

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    Town of Bracebridge History

    Located a two-hour drive north of Toronto, Bracebridge is situated on the Muskoka River in Ontario, Canada. Both early and late history of Bracebridge were shaped by the proximity to Lake Muskoka. The location of the town was beneficial because of its abundant water resources and convenient crossing. 

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    History of North Bay, ON

    Nicknamed ‘Gateway to the North’, North Bay is a picturesque spot on the Canadian map. The history of this place goes back to the year 1882, when the first train reached the area. John Ferguson is known to be the first settler of North Bay: he thought that the area was a promising spot for future settlement. It was John Ferguson who became the first postmaster of the town, and bought 288 acres of land. In the years that followed, new residents starting to come to North Bay in search of a better future. 

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    History of Sudbury, ON

    Sudbury, a city of 164,926 people located in Northern Ontario, Canada, evolved from a small mining town to a rapidly developing regional capital. The history of Sudbury began over nine thousand years ago, when the area was occupied by the Ojibwe people. The first European settlers came to the present-day Sudbury in the 1880s, when high concentration of nickel ore was discovered in the region. The discovery coincided with the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway junction in Sudbury.