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Review for Crown Attorney on Directory
11 Jan 2023

I wrote a letter to have the no contact conditions lifted and my letter wasn't even presented to the Judge for consideration, because Jason is Indigenous. VWAP lied saying I said things that I never say. The Crown Attorneys office wouldn't speak to me at all, and the Judge didn't let Jason speak either. The second charge of Breach was totally illegal, as I was there to retrieve so personal belongings as per the court order, and we weren't asked anything. Jason was just arrested and charged because Jason is Indigenous. The police showed up based on a drunk acquaintance saying I sent her a text for help. The text was dated one year prior, and send by the caller to me, from a phone number I hadn't had in over 6 months. I wasn't informed of the most recent cout date, so I wasn't in court to speak, how convenient. There is a total misjustice on Jason just because he's Indigenous.

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