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North Bay is a city in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. It is the seat of Nipissing District and takes its name from its position on the shore of Lake Nipissing. North Bay is located on the traditional territory of the Nipissing First Nation peoples. The site of North Bay is part of a historic canoe route where Samuel de Champlain took a party up the Ottawa River, through present-day Mattawa, on to Trout Lake and via the La Vase Creek to Lake Nipissing.

Vibrant business and industrial sectors support North Bay's diverse local economy. With a strong balance of industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) operations, North Bay continues to grow by encouraging local expansion and attracting new compatible companies.

Industrial companies achieve high levels of success because they have a diversified supply, producing high-tech, high-margin and low-tonnage products for the global marketplace.

The diversified economy consists of the following priority sectors: advanced manufacturing, aviation and aerospace, education, health care, information and communications technology, supply chain and mining services. Other key industries include construction, film and television, forestry, government, trade and commerce, transportation, and tourism. In addition, the available skilled workforce, often educated at local institutions of higher learning, is highly experienced and highly valued.

Local Businesses in North Bay, ON
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