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Review for Nadim Haidar Dr on Directory
31 Mar 2023

Very nice and very knowledgeable Surgeon, very efficient
Review for Kistemaker L Dr - Medicine Professional Corp on Directory
07 Oct 2022

WARNING...People in North Bay and area who feel 'trapped' with a an incompetent Doctor: Contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario if you have justifiable concerns about the "care" (care-less) you are/have experienced with Dr. Laura Kistemaker. (CPSO) Its the only way we can regain access to careful care in the north. We are NOT a resting ground for incompetent Doctors.
Review for Idowu Oyeniran Prof Med on Directory
06 Sep 2022

i heard on the weekend hes being investigated for being a pedophile and having short im looking for a new doctor,plus the front desk is way too relaxed in their jobs they never call in scripts, your steadily bugging them at the office, then they call you rude and condescending when you complain, listen stupid maybe you abused your wife in Africa ,but your in Canada now, we have standards and laws. And when a patient has to wait 5 days like you made me wait for skin medicine to be faxed in to shoppers on cassells there no excuses,,is there...well..please explain dummy,,well? leave a explanation stupid,,why do you think Natalie left your sorry black asses as your receptionist? you gonna blame her of shit too? ,then you cry like a little sissy when someone complains, grow some balls doc,,hey i have a good idea. lets meet somewhere neutral say the mall parking lot in front of Walmart,see if your gonna threaten my better health like you say in this letter from you in my hands,come on coward try me,,try and beat someone that can fight back ,,and not your wife, ill fucking hit you so hard you'll shit yourself and go blind, and maybe not in that order, remember i over heard you telling your wife if "and i quote,," she messes up again in the office she wont see you for 4 days remember dummy? then you said " ON THE FOURTH DAY YOUR LEFT EYE WILL BEING TO OPEN" do you remember now ? or were you too drunk again? i smelled whiskey off your breath in the office last time remember stupid,,oh thats right you have SELECTIVE MEMORY,,GOOGLE THAT DUMBASS.,go call the cops pedophile, maybe think about calling them ,,don't send threating mail out first dummy,,then you wonder why people talk down to you,,you ask for it stupid,,go back to africa and practice your pedophile ways,,well its true google bachabazi,,your peoples been practicing it to for thousands of years same as in the middle east,,means "anal play with dancing boys" also note it means this in 12 other languages,,whats that tell you sherlock???huh well stupid? see stupid no PHD needed, once again not too bright where'd you get that phd? ,,walmart?you sure didn't win any awards for being bright did yah??,,id put money on it,,you think you got what it takes to debate me ? wanna compare brain pans asshole? Your better off comparing to a fucking oil pan and with someone your own slow mental speed. Yep..we sure don't see you running and programming a 6 million dollar machine tools and robotics do we??enough said dummy. .ok,,bye bye pedophile, get a better diploma too stupid,,my trade takes ten more years then being a fucking, punch drunk, sexual harassing' ,pedophile, Jew son of a whore doctor,,,once again google idiot !
Review for Nadim Haidar Dr on Directory
17 Feb 2022

Excellent Surgeon, very skilled and easy to talk to.
Review for Northwood Medical Clinics on Whodoyou
25 Feb 2019

Northwood Medical Clinics services are good. I got good service and we'll be going back.
Review for Northwood Medical Clinics on Whodoyou
25 Feb 2019

Everything was good at Northwood Medical Clinics. I liked it and everyone was friendly and I guess that's about it. I have no complaints.

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