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Cost of living in Sudbury

About Sudbury

Sudbury city in Ontario is one of the progressive cities in Canada.

In this small town, a little more than 160 thousand inhabitants live. The emergence of Sudbury is associated with the beginning of the copper-nickel field development and the construction of the Trans Canadian railway.

Now Sudbury has become a varied city community, where the spheres of financial and business services, tourism, health and education are developed. With 330 freshwater lakes surrounding a lively center of the city, Sudbury is an ideal home for new immigrants looking for a combination of urban life and nature.

38% of inhabitants speak English and French, making Sudbury an excellent option for immigrants speaking in French. Qualified foreign workers who speak both languages ??can take advantage of the French-Speaking Skilled Worker program that offers permanent residence to successful candidates and their families.

Affordable accommodation

It is believed that Sudbury is the second most affordable housing market in Ontario. Compared to Toronto, a house in Sudbury costs 65% cheaper.

According to the forecast about the prospects for the growth of Canadian cities until 2046, Sudbury will be the only major urban area in northern Ontario with a growing population. It is expected that the population will continue to grow and diversify, and over the next twenty years, 8,000 new households and 11,000 jobs will be added!

Work opportunities in Sudbury

In spring, the Canadian government launched a pilot project on immigration to rural and northern areas, designed to attract highly qualified foreign workers in cities and communities outside Canadian megacities.

Sudbury is one of the 11 communities chosen to participate, so it is supported directly from the federal government to attract foreign specialists.

How much does it cost to live in Sudbury?

Now, let’s take a look at prices in Sudbury, ON.