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Huntsville is the biggest town in Ontario's Muskoka Region. Huntsville is situated in the steep landscape of the Canadian Shield and is surrounded by many lakes. Huntsville is a popular tourist destination due to its natural environment and resources, attracting visitors from all over the globe.

Huntsville's economy is mainly service-based due to the inflow of visitors during the summer months and the number of seasonal inhabitants. Construction trades employ a large number of people. Despite improvements, Huntsville's unemployment rate has historically been higher than the provincial average. That is mainly owing to the seasonal nature of its tourist business.

Deerhurst Resort, Trillium Lakelands District School Board, and Kimberly Clark are among the major employers in Huntsville. Huntsville's Main Street is home to a variety of businesses and services. Reflections of Muskoka, located at 49E Main Street East, was once a Simpson-Sears store.

Local Businesses in Huntsville, ON
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