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Sudbury, officially Greater Sudbury, is a city in Ontario, Canada. It is the largest city in Northern Ontario by population, with a population of 161,53. By land area, it is the largest in Ontario and the fifth largest in Canada. It is administratively a Unitary authority and thus not part of any district, county, or regional municipality. The City of Greater Sudbury is separate from but surrounded by Sudbury District.

Sudbury is often referred to as Canada's nickel city, but it is also a fast-growing real estate market. In addition, the city is making essential investments in other sectors such as education, health care and retail. This expansion will lead to a diversity of jobs and attract more people looking to find work – and a place to live – in Sudbury.

Sustainability is another crucial area in which the city is making great strides. Other factors include urban and cultural centers, green spaces and more. In addition, Sudbury is spurring economic recovery efforts by investing in local research and development projects.

The Economic Development Board has allocated $739,000 to support various business initiatives since the beginning of 2020 through a $1 million community economic development fund.

Local Businesses in Sudburye, ON
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