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Temiskaming Shores is a city in the Timiskaming District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. It was created by the amalgamation of the town of New Liskeard, the town of Haileybury, and the township of Dymond in 2004.

The city serves as the economic and service center for a population of about 32,500 people drawn from tiny towns across the surrounding area. Professional services and big shops continue to expand in the area to serve regional consumers from both Ontario and Quebec.

Timiskaming Square, the city's only retail mall, is situated in the Dymond district. Plaza REIT owns it, which started in 1977 and has 21 shops, including Food Basics. Its prominence in the 1980s led to the downfall of Haileybury and, to a lesser degree, New Liskeard's downtown businesses.

Since then, huge Walmart and Canadian Tire shops have been constructed nearby, causing mall commerce to decrease. The mall has just six shops and services remaining by 2021: Food Basics, Dollarama, Giant Tiger, Pet Valu, TD Canada Trust, and DriveTest.

Local Businesses in New Liskeard, ON
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